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Screenshots? [Dec. 16th, 2008|12:56 am]
angry inch

Hello, new person here.

I was wondering if anyone has the zipfiles of the screenshots of the movie? I found some download links from...back in 2005 on this community, but the links are no longer working. I would be eternally grateful and will credit you in anything they are used for. <3

Thank you!
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(no subject) [Nov. 25th, 2008|06:00 pm]
angry inch

these kinda reminded me of "gummi baren" =)

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Midnight Movie Musical Madness Weekend! [Aug. 28th, 2008|04:40 pm]
angry inch

[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

This Friday-Sunday, the Clay Theater and the Bawdy Caste present MIDNIGHT MOVIE MUSICAL MADNESS!

FRIDAY - Hedwig and the Angry Inch!

SATURDAY - The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

SUNDAY - Grease sing-along!

Saturday features live shadowcasting, while Friday and Sunday will feature special preshows, all performed by The Bawdy Caste!

Clay Theater
2261 Fillmore Street
San Francisco

Tickets: $9.75 per show

Dress up and join the fun!

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TNP/RHPS at Monster Mania Con11 - 8/23 @ 11pm [Aug. 6th, 2008|11:32 am]
angry inch


MMC 11 banner

Transylvanian Nipple Productions will be performing the Rocky Horror Picture
Show at the 11th Annual Monster Mania Convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in
Cherry Hill, NJ!

Read moreCollapse )
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Hedwig & the Angry Inch [Feb. 20th, 2008|03:40 pm]
angry inch

[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Special Pricing for this weekend(if you have not been, it is not too late!)

Thursday, Feb 21: Buy One Ticket and Get One FREE!(This is also the fully accessible performance, too)
Friday and Saturday, Feb 22-23: Student Ticket Price $10. (Must show Valid ID.)


Also, here are some snazzy pictures from the show too:

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Chicago: Midnight Radio Hedwig shadowcast shows tonight and tomorrow! [Sep. 28th, 2007|03:37 pm]
angry inch


for more info, go to http://www.midnightmadness.org
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Friday and Saturday, Sept 21, 22 [Sep. 18th, 2007|01:24 pm]
angry inch

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is at the IFC Waverly in NYC this weekend- midnight shows on Friday and Saturday.

In attendance will be MIRIAM SHOR!!!! This is her first time at a Hedwig shadowcast and she'll be answering questions preshow. So please dress up in your glam best (or in your best Yitzhak!!) and join us! Tickets are available at the IFC Center box office or at the IFC Center's website. So come on out and see the Midnight Checkout Queens, NYC's Hedwig shadowcast!

Hope to see you there!

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Hedwig Cast needed [Sep. 7th, 2007|01:52 pm]
angry inch

The Midnight Checkout Queens, NYC's Hedwig and The Angry Inch Shadowcast (we perform regularly at the IFC Waverly) is looking for new cast and crew.

If you're interested, please contact me!


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rainbow carnage now casting for the role of hedwig! [Apr. 9th, 2007|02:53 pm]
angry inch

[Current Mood |so optimistic]

we have some interested parties (male and female) but we're still open for more if you reply now!

other help with the show also welcome.

write to


the efficient flyer is belowCollapse )
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hedwig in nyc! [Apr. 3rd, 2007|10:41 am]
angry inch

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